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T-Shirt Design

 - unique and customized t-shirt design set up in the proper adobe files for silkscreen print(you may request files for web use or other print methods as well), will send sample images with recommended colors imposed on 2 different suggested t-shirt colors

****If so inclined, please send thematic ideas or creative brainstorms to help better customize your artwork to your tastes.  You are absolutely welcome to “wing it” too and let me fully take the creative reins. Common themes that I tend to gravitate towards include, psychedelia, vintage americana, esoteric, occult, nature, retro nostalgia all presented in a very sexy, aesthetically satisfying manner

Poster Design

COMING SOON!  - 11x17 Tour/concert poster with customized specs, set up in proper files for your preferred print method (Not available until spring 2019, but if interested please send an email and I can put you on the wait list)

Please contact for a quote!


Thanks! Message sent.

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