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Welcome To Golden Ritual Design

Hello beautiful people! I’d like to offer you a warm welcome Golden Ritual Design. I’ve started this website as a means to offer my design services to YOU and to set up a conduit where we can work together to manifest your bands/small business identity into sexy, aesthetically tantalizing images ready for print. My name is Alex Morrison and my many years of experience in the illustration and graphic design world are due my 10 year career as a touring musician with indie/folk/stomp/grass outfit The Brothers Comatose. My duties as a founding band member (besides pickin’ banjo) have involved creating revenue through the design, creation and sale of branded merchandise. Authenticaly and effectively manifesting the bands musical identity into a tasteful visual representation, with much emphasis on generating sales (being in a band is a business after all, and that’s ok;) I’d love to share my expertise and help you find your visual niche in the world that will make you stand out from the rest.

I chose the name “Golden Ritual” in reference to the act itself in which I induce my creative process. I have been in a perpetual quest to adopt the belief that creativity and spirituality are synonymous and in order to depart the world of mundanity and logic, we must set up a time and space with the “intent” to launch our minds into the world of the unconscious where inspiration is born. Thus, treating this delve into the creative abyss as a sacred act and a communication with ones true self. My vision for this business is to leave one foot in the creative abyss and one foot here with YOU in the material world. Offering you personable and quality assistance, with professional results.

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